Consignment – How It Works

Consignment - How it Works

Welcome to Déjà Vu Consignment! We are excited that you wish to become part of the consignment world!

We understand that at one time you loved the piece you are now consigning, but please note that sometimes there will be items we cannot accept. Please do not take it personally as there are many variables we must take into account when we are accepting items to consign.

What is Consignment?

We are a store that takes in gently used items such as furniture and decor pieces as well as now accepting women's fashion. When a consignor's item sells, the consignee/store shares in the profits of the sale. If an item does not sell it goes back to the owner. Feel free to come in and speak with us, or send us an email along with photo's of the product.

How does Consignment work?

All new consignments begin with an approval process. We recommend submitting a photo via email. If the items are suitable for consignment, we will make an appointment to inspect the furniture, agree in writing on the starting retail price, and agree on a drop off date to our store *applies to furniture/decor only.

- Photos and condition of all items requesting to be consigned, MUST meet our approval before those items can come to the store-by appointment only for furniture/decor (ensure you email the photo's and dimensions to Ladies fashion can be dropped off during regular business hours. *NO DROP OFFS ON SATURDAYS*

- Furniture/Decor-If you have multiple smaller decor items you would like to consign, please itemize them and bring in your top 15 (note place setting of 4 counts as 1).

-Clothing/Purses/Shoes- No maximum at this time!

- Furniture/Decor-Please ensure all items are in a good condition as we do not take broken, badly stained or chipped, dirty or damaged goods. The condition should be no lower than an 8 on a scale to 1-10.

-Clothing/Purses/Shoes- ensure there are no stains, holes, pills or odours of any kind. Purses must be cleaned out with lining free of stains/marks/dust all buttons/zippers working.  Shoes must be clean and free of toe marks and scuffs.

- It is your responsibility to bring all items to the store and to take them away if they are not sold. Special request drop-off and pick-up may be negotiable for a fee, with the understanding that Déjà Vu is NOT liable for any damages during moving or transit etc.

- All linens MUST be washed and ironed prior to arrival at the store (no dirty wrinkly items please!).

- All lamps must come with shades that are in a nice condition.

- We do not take upholstered furniture or rugs exposed to heavy smoke or pet hair.

- Furniture/Decor-It is in your best interest to itemize your consigning items on the worksheet before you drop them off. Please give us as much information as you can for your item(s) such as description, if there's a story behind it, price you paid, where you bought it.

-Clothing/Purses/Shoes-ensure when items are brought in your name (first/last), phone/email address are attached to your items, and note if at the end of the term any unsold items are to be returned.  If not indicated, it will be assumed they are donated to the store, in which we will proceed with donating, or deeply discounting further.

What condition is the Furniture/Decor/Women's Fashion in?

The items should be in good to mint condition. Evaluating your furniture/decor/ fashion items on a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being the best, we look for items that are between 8 to 10.

Who sets the price?

Priced too high and the item won't sell. Priced too low and it is unfair to the selling client. Our experience and knowledge of the market helps us price fairly for both buyer and seller.

Our pricing formula takes into consideration the condition, quality of construction, manufacturer, original price, style, colour and demand for the item.

Fashion/Purses/Shoes-Most items are sold in stores at 25-60% of their retail price with certain exceptions made for items that are either in high demand, new with tags or classic pieces and limited edition pieces

How long do you keep the Furniture/Decor & Women's Fashion?

Merchandise is consigned to us for a 90 day period.

What if my Furniture/Decor or Women's Fashion doesn't sell?

Items that are priced right and are desirable, sell quickly.
Furniture/Decor-In the event that your items have not sold within the first 30 days of the contract, Déjà Vu Consignment will discount the price of items. An additional discount applies if the item is unsold after 50 and 70 days.

Women's Fashion-are consigned for a period of 90 days (3 months) selling at regular price for the first 59 days (subject to periodic sales at Deja Vu's discretion)and then reduced to half price from 60 days to the end of your consignment period.  Items that maintain their value may not be discounted at day 59.

At the end of the 90 day term, it is the consignor’s sole responsibility to contact us (email or phone) with regards to any unsold items (Deja Vu Consignment has the option of potentially extending the contract).  If the contract is NOT extended by Deja Vu Consignment, it is up to the consignor to retrieve any unsold items which must be picked up within 7 days after the expiration date, and during regular business hours. If items are not picked up by day 97, they become the property of Déjà Vu Consignment and will be disposed of, sold at a reduced amount, or donated to a local charity.